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Benefits of being a Pembroke Toastmaster

Directly from our members:

Fran Watson
One of the things I heard (I don't remember exactly whre) was that if you want to find out about an organization, join the Executive, so when I joined Toastmasters back in 2003, I was asked to be the club Secretary and I agreed. Since that time I have held every position in one of my 3 clubs, and I have gained tremendously. I also took on the challenge of Area Governor. I have learned leadership skills that I would not have known otherwise. I have become more confident behind the lectern and can jump into almost any role with very little notice, that is because I have had to prepare for each of the roles over the years. I have learned how to research, how to encourage others, how to train others to take on roles. I have prepared and facilitated a variety of workshops and I continue to learn and grow as I take on new challenges, such as becoming the District Public Relations Officer for 2011 - 2012.

Phillip Godon
A couple years after being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), I joined a Toastmasters club at my workplace. The Toastmasters Communication and Leadership Program has helped me to develop the discipline needed to get organized and keep focused. Now a dozen years later, I am retired and able to carry out a major leadership role with the Stone Fence Theatre in my community. I develop and practice good communication and leadership habits in my club, and apply these in my community.

Angie Goudie
FIrst I would like to say that as a Toastmaster, I say with confidence that without Toastmasters I would be a lot less educated today. Through my workplace, Toastmasters has greatly helped in every way from a professional standpoint in dealing with the public, to personal growth and maturity within.
One really important benefit of Toastmasters is you gain experience in many aspects of your daily life: Understanding complex issues from a different point of view that you would not normally see "the other side of the coin".
Like any organization "What you input is just a small deposit for what you withdraw". Yes I, Angie Goudie, take credit for this statement because for myself, Toastmasters is something I really need to continue growing in, as my personal learning curve will never cease.

Marc Bissonnette

While I have been doing public and corporate speaking for many years, I have benefited from Toastmasters by learning to be less wordy (or not as long winded, as my wife would say) and to get to the relevant point of my topics more quickly, which gives my audiences a better experience and more value for their time.

These are just some of the benefits experienced personally by a few of our members.
Toastmasters is not just about 'public speaking' - Nor is it just about 'creating great leaders' - Although it does a good job at both of those, if that is your goal.

What Toastmasters is really about is confidence in communication.

We could leave it like that, but it is worth explaining a little more: Confidence in communication is not just for speaking in front of crowds, or being a great manager;

  • It is about giving that perfect job interview: Showing that you are the best candidate for the job
  • It is about explaining to your buddies why your idea for a group vacation is the best out of the bunch.
  • It is about convincing your spouse that buying that cottage really is a good idea at this stage in life.
  • it is about explaining to your children why doing their homework and their chores really will benefit them later on in life.
  • It is about explaining to your bank why giving you that business loan really is a sound investment decision.
  • It is about convincing your co-workers to present a united idea to your employer to make a better work place

Toastmasters teaches you how to get your ideas across to other people with confidence, style and authority.
What you take away from Toastmasters will benefit you in your every day life at home, to your social outings with friends and yes, definitely, in your career progression, be that white, pink or blue collar.

Come out to a Toastmasters meeting this Tuesday: Ask some questions; Ask about what you want from Toastmasters and we will be GLAD to show you!

Where we meet

St. Columbkille Cathedral
188 Renfrew St., Pembroke, Ont.
Tuesday evenings at 7 PM
Call Karen Sapinski at 732-7908 for details.

Guests are always welcome!

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